Welcome baby Mia! Born on 2nd August 2016 at 6.13 am!

This is the first post on this blog, and it’ll probably be one of the hardest to write.

You see trying to remember the whole experience of Mia’s birth is a bit of a blur, as I’m sure it is for many parents during those long hours spent at the hospital.

Anyway…here goes.

The birth process – A surprising start, with an amazing ending!

On the evening of 1st August, I heard my wife call out from the bathroom and with a smile on her face, she uttered the words…

“I think it’s time to visit the hospital”

Her waters had broken.

If you’d asked me to pick between contractions vs waters breaking to kick off the birth process, it was definitely the latter!

Wow, so I was going to be a dad. All the NCT classes and preparation led up to this point and it was finally happening.

I put everything we needed for the hospital in the car and we (calmly) drove to the hospital.

As you might have expected, we thought we’d have a quick visit at the hospital, return home again, and then back to the hospital once contractions had started, or 24 hours later for induced labour.

Well, things didn’t quite go to plan.

Everything in the hospital was fine in the beginning. The nurse confirmed Sasha’s waters had broken and we could go home.

However, within 2 minutes of leaving the hospital, as soon as we returned to the car park, Sasha was clearly in some discomfort.

“Don’t worry”, I said. “I’m sure it’s normal at this stage”.

I was wrong.

Sasha started feeling a lot worse and was almost keeling over.

She couldn’t walk quickly, so we staggered back to the hospital and made our way back to the maternity ward.

To my dismay, I couldn’t find a nurse anywhere.

It was about 11:30pm. Was there a shift change or something? Talk about bad luck.

Sasha was getting worse. She couldn’t sit down and was standing up with her knees on a chair.

I started knocking on several doors trying to find someone.

Then about 5 minutes later, a nurse appeared.

She examined Sasha and said, “You’re about 7 centimetres dilated!”

What the hell? How was that possible? 20 minutes ago everything was fine. How could this have happened so quickly?

Anyway, there was no time to think about this.

Sasha made her way to the labour ward, and it was clear she was very far along the birth process!

A brief description of Mia’s entrance into the world

Several hours later, there was new person in my life.

Seeing baby Mia for the first time was the most magical experience I’m sure I’ll ever have.

I think any parent will say the same.

There’s just something about creating a life which NOTHING else can ever compare with…

Once she appeared, my wife Sasha was sobbing like a baby…

Mia, was of course, sobbing like a baby..

..and yep, you guessed it…I was sobbing like a baby too!

I couldn’t help myself! You big softy Graham!

There were some surprises though:

1) The fact she was almost completely white when she first emerged into the world and then turned a healthy pink colour shortly after the midwife cut the cord.

I guess this is because the blood suddenly flows around the body?!?

2) Also, what’s with the cone head? This certainly wasn’t covered in the NCT classes! 🙂

It makes sense now, but I wish I’d read up on this first.

After the nurse wrapped Mia in blanket, she gave her to me, as they tended to my wife.

I just remember seeing this tiny little thing looking straight up at me, struggling to open her eyes fully.

Wow. I am now responsible for this tiny little person.

I wonder what she was thinking…

I started speaking to her softly and she continued to just stare up at me.

Did she recognize my voice?

I don’t think there’s any conclusive evidence of this at such an early stage, but as this video shows, maybe there’s some truth to it?

During my wife’s pregnancy, we’d played a lot of music to her through the womb, as well as both of us talking to her most evenings.

Mia always seemed the most active early to late evening with a lot of aggressive kicks!

A female footballer in the making perhaps? 🙂

My little Mia had a very healthy birth weight of 3.325 kg, just a fraction below the average weight for a baby girl.

normal birth weight in kg

After this, we ended up staying the whole day and one more night, before returning home.

To be honest, I was surprised we were allowed to do this. I had heard stories that the NHS were often keen to send people home within hours of delivery if they felt both mum and baby were ok.

But we were so exhausted that they let Sasha, Mia and I stay for a lot longer. They seemed in no rush to get rid of us at all.

The NHS in the UK gets a bad rap for many things, but Sasha and I were so grateful to both the midwives who helped bring Mia into this world.

A big thumbs up to the hospital, the staff and social health care!

As a thank you, we returned a couple of days later with some flowers to give to the midwives.

What is Bilingua Baby? What is it about?

This blog will document raising baby Mia in a bilingual household.

I will talk about how Sasha and I will help Mia speak both English and Russian, my discoveries on the way, as well as describing all the other day to day aspects of looking after a baby.

So do you remember the birth of your baby?

Please feel free to leave any comments below.