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Is your little one starting to stand up on their own?

Are they using the furniture to pull themselves up?

As a busy mum you might be wondering, now what?

How can you keep your baby entertained, and safe, and encourage learning to walk all at the same time.

While baby walkers have received some criticism from health workers as being unsafe, they are still a great option for the busy mom who just needs 10 minutes to get some lunch ready or get the dishes done.

The experts agree that the biggest safety concern is parents leaving their little one in the walker for extremely long periods of time.

So be sure to set a timer and don’t leave your child in the walker for too long. Walkers are also not meant to be use unsupervised, but if you are like we are there are few moments of your baby’s life that are totally unsupervised. Having said that I recently wrote an entire article on the pros and cons of getting a walker

In this blog post, I will review the best options for those of us with carpet in our homes. But first here are some important considerations when deciding whether a baby walker is right for you and your family…

What should you consider when choosing a baby walker?

Carpet vs Hard Wood/Tiles

Baby walkers are very convenient if you have hard wood floors or tiles, but not everybody does. What is a parent to do if your place is fully carpeted? Some walkers have higher wheel levels allowing for  little one some mobility on carpet as well as other flooring options.

Although Mia didn’t use a walker much, I always felt a little safer on carpet as well asit didn’t allow for any sort of speed when she was wheeling around. As your little one starts to walk on their own, falls and spills also seem a little less scary on the carpet compared to a hard wood or tiled floor.

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Safety Concerns

There have been a few concerns about baby walkers recently, especially among health personnel. If your health visitor is suggesting you forgo the walker, but you are looking for a convenient way to keep your little tyke involved while you get something done in the kitchen, then a baby walker might just be the answer for you.

Every family needs to do their homework and decide if a walker is right for them. But it seemed like most of the concerns for babies were pretty common sense to me.

For example, the biggest concern is that babies were being left in the walkers for extremely long periods of time. Well, this is true of anything. And it’s why we don’t let babies lay flat on their backs for long periods of time either and encourage tummy time whenever possible.

Everything in moderation, just like my nightly piece of chocolate! 🙂

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Will it keep your baby occupied?

This is completely based on your particular little one. I have a  dear friend with two boys and one loved his walker, his mum had to set a timer to avoid accidentally letting him stay in there too long based on the recommendations.

While, unfortunately, her second child would start fussing after only about 5 minutes in the walker, making it impossible to get anything done; same walker with the same fun toys and music, different babies and different temperaments.

So this question is best answered individually. It is also why there are so many options, and you might need to try a few before you decide which one to go with.

Best Baby Walkers For Carpet

Although Mia didn’t use a baby walker much, we did buy one based upon my research, and conversations with friends.

Here are 3 great options for you to consider.

a) The Joovy Spoon Walker

This walker doesn’t have toys or make sounds like the other options, but the tray is a great size and the top easily comes off and is dishwasher safe. This is the walker we chose for baby Mia (although in the end she didn’t really use it much!)

The tray is wider than the base of the walker so you don’t have to worry about your child getting their fingers pinched when rolling around. If you aren’t going to get a high chair, this walker can double as a place to eat as the tray is perfect for that.

Click below to learn more about the Joovy Spoon Walker

b) The Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker

My personal favorite, this one comes with a removable play tray and has multi-lingual sayings and songs. It does the alphabet as well as colors in six languages. Unfortunately one of them isn’t Russian, but it is still a great option if you are raising a bilingual baby like we are.

The tray comes off so you can play with it even when your baby isn’t in the walker, anything that has multiple uses is great in my opinion. You know you can always trust the Chicco brand for safety.

I think I would have loved this walker and would have gone for it if they had Russian as a language option.

Click below to learn more about the Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker

c) The KidsEmbrace Baby Walker

This comes in two color choices, blue and purple, but really it would work for either gender in either color. The fun Batman features are perfect if your little one loves superheros. It folds flat for easy storage. And they can turn the key to “turn it on” and it lights up and makes engine sounds making it very fun for your active little one.

Click below to learn more about the Kids Embrace Baby Walker


I hope this helps you in deciding which baby walker to get for your situation. It really depends on the temperament of your child, as well as the layout and flooring of your home. The walkers with brakes are great for homes with stairs, although I would probably still put in a baby gate or some other way to keep them from the stairs.

What baby walker did you consider for your little one? Please feel free to comment below