Before you know it, your little one will be rolling over, pulling themselves up and many other things too!

Therefore, thinking about home safety is a good idea earlier rather than later on.

There are several ways to baby proof your home and make it a safe environment. It’s easy to go over the top, so try to get the balance right, as your baby needs room to explore.


In my opinion, here are some baby proofing essentials for you to mull over…

baby safety gate photo

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1) Safety gates

If your home has more than one level, then a stairgate is really an essential item. Make sure you attach it firmly so that it won’t easily come loose if your baby plays with it. You should install one at the bottom and one at the top of the stairs.

Some people think you should also have a safety gate attached to the kitchen door and keep your baby out of the kitchen as much as possible, but I’m not sure you should close off so much of your home to your baby. Providing the kitchen is baby proof, I don’t see a problem with giving them access to it.

The bathroom is the only room we have which is off limits for Mia, unless we’re giving her a bath of course!

Also, we live on a first floor maisonette which has a door at the top of the stairs. Because this door is always closed, Sasha and I have decided not to purchase a safety gate. However, if we lived in a house, or if there was not door at the top of the stairs we would install a safety gate without any hesitation.

2) Place dangerous items out of reach

Ensure any laundry supplies, toiletries, cleaning products, alcohol, matches, lighters and any other potentially harmful products are well out of reach of your baby. You can place them in cupboards and drawers high up, well out of reach.

TIP – Make sure you point saucepan handles inwards and not dangling over the edge of the hob.

We made sure to baby proof our kitchen, but we allowed Mia to access one cupboard herself, just to satisfy her curiosity. My feeling is that if you make everything off limits, it just makes a young child even more curious! In this cupboard we just put several safe things for her to touch and get hold off, such as chopping boards, plastic cups and plates, and other light items.

3) Childproof locks on cupboards + Socket Covers

You should definitely attach childproof locks on your cupboards that your baby can reach once they are mobile. You can also safely store other potentially harmful products here if space is at a premium in your home.

Also, cover all plug sockets in your home with a plastic cover. Your baby will love to explore once they are mobile, and empty sockets on walls look like an inviting target to stick a small finger in!

Sasha and I bought a childproof set which had everything for making your baby safe in your home. Just make sure you pick a set which has at least the following items…

  • door stop
  • socket covers
  • corner guards
  • cabinet and cupboards locks

4) Smoke Alarms

Although all homes should have a smoke alarm, make sure you have one fitted on each level of your home. Check the batteries regularly and try to purchase one which can detect carbon monoxide as well as smoke.

smoke alarm photo

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If you happen to be a smoker, you should also ensure you don’t smoke around your baby. Even smoking outside is risky because harmful particles can make their way on to your clothes, skin and hair, which can all affect your baby.

Some More Tips On Home Safety For Babies

Here is a list of some other general home safety tips to think about.

5) Lights and Lamps

Keep all lamps and electrical items at least one metre from your baby’s cot. A baby can reach out and burn themselves on a light bulb, or pull on an electric cord causing a lamp to fall on them or become a fire hazard.

6) Fireplace

Get a fireguard if you use your fireplace regularly.

fireplace photo

Alternatively, you can do what Sasha and I did (if you don’t use your fireplace). We used 2 corner guards and wrapped the edges with bubble wrap. Then we just put a couple of old cushions inside the fireplace. Seems to do the job quite well!

7) Floors and Rugs

Keep floors clear of objects and make sure rugs are firmly attached to the floor. Placing a rug on a slippery wooden floor is an accident waiting to happen, so either get rid of them or fix them securely.

8) No Dangerous Cords

Ensure that no cords are near your baby’s bed, play area, changing table or chair. Also, tie up electric flexes so they cannot be pulled. A few cable ties will do the job.

9) Remove Choking Hazards

Keep anything that could lead to choking such as small toys, marbles and beads, well away from your baby.

TIP – One of Sasha’s friends told her to use the ‘toilet roll test’. It’s not exactly scientific, but basically if an item can fit inside a toilet roll, it’s something your baby could swallow and get stuck in their throat!

Also, hoover and check your floor regularly to remove all those little bits of food, grit and stone which might be lying around.

I wouldn’t get paranoid about this, as it’s inevitable your baby will try and shove very small things in their mouth which they shouldn’t do.

Just keep an eye on them, and minimize the risk as they’ll learn sooner or later

cup of tea photo

10) Be Careful With Hot Drinks

Keep hot drinks away from your baby. Push them away from the edge of the table and don’t have a hot drink while holding your baby at the same time.

It seems fairly obvious, but once your baby starts wanting to grab things on the kitchen table, including the table cloth, you start to notice other possible hazards.

Mia was once sitting in her high chair and grabbed the table cloth, pulled it and everything fell on the floor. I had no idea she was that strong! Fortunately no harm was done.

What Else Can You Put On Your Baby Proofing House List?

A lot of this article is about common sense, but it’s easy to miss certain things. Please comment below if there are any other crucial things I’ve missed on home safety for babies.

For a really comprehensive guide, check out Moms Love Best. They’ve got a really detailed list for baby proofing your home

Once Mia started crawling, it changed everything. You start seeing your home in an entirely different way! I even got down on all fours and tried crawling around just to see things from Mia’s point of view.

Would have made an interesting video to see me embarrassing myself like that!