About Us

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I’m Graham Finch, a thirty something guy from the UK, living in London with my wife, Sasha, and baby girl, Mia.

My day job involves working as an insurance broker in the city of London, but in my spare time (which isn’t much with a little one to look after!), I like to play tennis and the piano.

I don’t think any dad will ever forget the time and place when their wife tells them the life changing words, “I am pregnant”.

And this happened in the autumn of 2015…

I remember walking up the stairs coming home from work, and Sasha was standing there with a soft smile and tears in her eyes…

From that moment on, things were about to change….forever!

During my wife’s pregnancy, we had the usual highs and lows, which I’m sure every most couples go through.

However, one of our main issues concerned helping our soon-to-be daughter to speak both English AND Russian.

Living in the UK, my wife has plenty of friends from Russia and Ukraine, but even when BOTH parents speak Russian fluently, there are still issues with their children speaking the language, especially when they start school.

So for a British guy like me, married to a Russian woman, it presents an even bigger challenge!

Why we set up this website

Although my profession is involved in finance, I love working with websites. I’ve dabbled in web design before, helping out a few people with their online projects, but I decided I really wanted to set up a blog of my own…

…writing about something which will clearly be occupying most of my time from now on!

The aim of Bilingua Baby is to document raising my daughter, Mia in a bilingual household.

I’ll talk about bilingual topics, as I discover things on the way, updates on Mia’s development, as well as all the other day to day things of being a parent.

Sasha will also add some content from time to time (especially if it involves talking about baby topics which I simply don’t have a clue about!)

What? No pictures of your daughter?


After discussing things with Sasha, we decided we didn’t want pictures of Mia on the internet (for the time being at least)

We don’t even share pictures of her on Facebook with our friends.

When she’s older I’m sure it’s something we’ll revisit, but for now, no pictures. I have friends who do a similar thing with their children, where as I know others who plaster pictures of their kids on Facebook every week.

There’s no right or wrong approach, it’s just a choice every parent needs to make for themselves.

So feel free to browse through the content, comment on any blog posts if you wish, and get in touch with me if you want to discuss anything – info@bilinguababy.com

Thanks again for visiting Bilingua Baby.

Best wishes,