We’re now approaching our second Christmas as a family of three.

Where is the time going?

Sasha’s parents are coming over from Moscow later this month so our 2 bedroom flat is going to feel a lot smaller!

Anyway, the big announcement this month us that we finally have some speech! (sort of)

For English words, Mia can say the words..

  • car 
  • dada (for daddy – although she points at herself and at photos and says dada so not sure if she fully understands it yet!),
  • baba (for banana).

For Russian words, she can say the words..

  • dom (which means house)
  • papa (which is Mia trying to say ‘lampa’ in Russian – English for ‘light/lamp’)

However, we have one word in two languagesbye-bye and paka

Does this mean our baby girl is now bilingual? 🙂

Here’s an updated word list and a video below

car, bird, cat, ball, cow, dog, doll, duck, ear, eye, fish, horse, nose, orange, pig, sheep, squirrel, tomato, banana, apple, butterfly, chicken, elephant, flower, frog, giraffe, lemon, monkey, sun, tiger, house

fork, glasses, hat, kangaroo, light, lion, owl, snail, spoon, tambourine, umbrella.

These are words Mia currently knows as of this month (some in Russian, some in English and some in both languages – she might know a few more, but I also expect she’ll forget some of them as well!)