So 2 months have passed since my last update for Mia.

I’ve been trying to write these mini blog posts on a monthly basis, but with work and other commitments…well…I’m sure as parents you understand!

Anyway, Mia’s becoming more independent, more mobile, more confident (along with more tantrums…the cheeky thing).

Also, I’m pleased to report that she is speaking a lot more words both Russian and English. My wife and I are happy and it feels at the moment like we’re doing ok, and things are steadily progressing nicely.

Of course, there will be ups and downs and Sasha still worries what will happen when Mia eventually starts school here in the UK.

Will her understanding of Russian suffer? Will she only speak English?

I keep telling her to take things on a month by month basis. It’s a long journey and we’ve only just started.

Again, I might have missed some words off this list (I try to write new ones down when I hear them)

  • car
  • eyes
  • dada (for daddy – she no longer says this now)
  • baba (for banana)
  • dom (This is the Russian word for house)
  • papa (Mia used to say this for ‘lampa’ which means light – However, now she uses it when talking to me)
  • bye-bye / paka (she understands ‘goodbye’ in both English and Russian)
  • apple (She says this all the time – I think she is an apple addict! – She loves when a fresh apple is pureed with a cheese grater. Very tasty! – Here’s Mia asking for one…
  • book
  • cat
  • bath
  • door
  • park (Russian word is the same as English)
  • cashu (This is the Russian word for ‘porridge’. Here’s Mia saying this word at breakfast time…
  • seer (This is the Russian word for ‘cheese’ – Mia loves cheese and says it quite often)
  • sava (‘owl’)
  • yesho (‘more’ or ‘another’ )
  • vsyo (This is a Russian word which has several meanings)
  • stool (‘chair’)
  • oblako (‘cloud’)
  • chai (‘tea’)
  • naski (‘socks’)
  • baka (This is from the Russian word so-baka, which is ‘dog’)